Hexagon Extends a Helping Hand to Morocco: Aiding Earthquake Relief Efforts

In the wake of a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco on September 9, 2023, Hexagon is taking immediate action to support relief efforts in the affected regions. The earthquake wreaked havoc on large areas of the country, resulting in the destruction of numerous homes and critical infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, and displacing thousands of children and their families.

In response to this crisis, Hexagon is committed to making a positive impact by donating USD 20,000 to support relief efforts in Morocco. The contributions will be equally distributed among three reputable NGOs, selected for their track record and ability to efficiently manage and allocate funds to those in need. These organizations include:

  1. La Banque Alimentaire: With a mission focused on alleviating hunger, La Banque Alimentaire is playing a crucial role in ensuring that affected families have access to essential food supplies, particularly in the hardest-hit areas.
  2. Care Maroc: Care Maroc is at the forefront of disaster response efforts, providing immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation support to communities affected by the earthquake.
  3. SOS Villages d’Enfants: Dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of society, SOS Villages d’Enfants is actively working to ensure that children and families impacted by the earthquake have access to shelter, care, and the resources required to rebuild their lives.

Hexagon's donation is aimed at expediting the provision of critical supplies and assistance, in the face of the ongoing disaster in Morocco. Our hope is to provide support in this time of need, as we stand in solidarity with the affected communities, and strive to aid their recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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