We are choosing our individual projects carefully: We do only support organizations that are secular and non-political, we are paying attention that these organizations have a low overhead, and that they are properly audited. We support our employees to take an active role and visit this organization.

In 2021, we are supporting the following organization:

Fundacion Casa Familia

The foundation Casa Familia in Santiago de Chile is welcoming and helping children from the province who are receiving cancer treatment in the capital by enabling them to live this difficult process in the company of their mothers, by providing them shelter, food and emotional support, and by offering advice in respect of their special care needs.

Casa Familia is located in a modern building and can accommodate 31 children with their mothers while they are undergoing cancer treatment at the Luis Calvo Mackenna hospital. The Foundation is also in the process of adding a second building that will be reserved for children and teenagers with limited economic resources and without a social support network. It will provide a home to these children until they finish school.

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