Today's requirements for companies are becoming more complex every day. We are ready to face these challenges.

We want to be a good global citizen. We know that it is not possible to be a perfect global citizen, but it is in our power to do everything we can in order to get as close to perfection as possible.


We are aware that companies, no matter how big or small they are, have an impact on the world around them. In Hexagon, acting responsibly means more than just abiding to the law; it means that we must critically challenge all our actions in view of their impact on our entire environment. We want to know our counter parties, suppliers, customers and service providers alike, and we expect their code of conduct to be on par with ours. Fairness stands very high on our list: We demand from our suppliers and from our customers that they exercise utmost fairness towards their employees and towards their communities. In return we guarantee utmost fairness to our suppliers and our customers, and the communities where we are conducting our business and where we are living.

Hexagon is committed to give back to the community by donating a certain percentage of our profit. Our focus is on donating in those countries where we are active, and work with local partners who can help us utilize our funds efficiently and responsibly.


In the public eye, some commodities have the reputation of being “environmentally unfriendly”, yet it is also generally recognized that the world would stop functioning without commodities. We believe in commodities, and we are convinced that responsible production and responsible consumption of commodities is possible, and this is our claim and our standard. We will only conduct business with companies who put the protection of the environment as a top priority by using clean technology and by implementing highest safety standards. We support and promote green efforts.

Many employees at Hexagon have families – we want our children, grandchildren and all the generations thereafter to live in a clean, save and beautiful world.

Hexagon Green Fund

In 2021, Hexagon created the Hexagon Green Fund to support initiatives that help to protect the environment.

We are living in a world where “growth” is indispensable. We are also living in a society where everybody wants to possess a smart phone, a washing machine and a car; we are changing our diet towards more protein, and last but not least we are consuming more and more energy. This standard of living comes at a tremendous cost, a cost that is hardly measurable but a cost that is undisputed. Among other things, the cost is reflected in global warming with alarming consequences, it is felt in the form of increasing pollution of our air, our drinking water and our oceans; in brief, it is a cost that jeopardizes the well being of our planet.



Giving is the most beautiful thing in the world

The founding partners have agreed upon that Hexagon should become a company that would not only talk about social responsibility and charity, but that it should live these values every day. We are convinced that it is legitimate for a company to strive after maximum profits, however we are equally convinced that a company should share part of its profits with those who are in need.

Among the thousands of areas where charity is welcome and necessary, Hexagon has decided to focus on the following three sectors:   Education   Children   Access to clean water

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Hexagon is committed to full compliance, anywhere and anytime. Under no circumstances will a transaction be carried out in violation of any law.

We will adhere to any sanctions imposed on countries, companies and individuals; we will follow anti-boycott restrictions whenever and wherever imposed. We are against any form of corruption, bribery or fraud. Hexagon is strictly following anti-trust regulations and shall do its utmost to prevent money-laundering.

Hexagon has internal manuals and policies related to all these topics that each employee has to read and sign, and that are regularly reviewed by outside lawyers.


The biggest treasure of Hexagon are its people.
It is our utmost responsibility to take care of our employees and their families. We offer our employees friendly work places and progressive social benefits. We want to be a good employer, we want to provide a good, inspiring work environment where people can excel and develop. We support education and we support our employees to attend courses that help them develop as professionals and as individuals. We encourage our employees to exercise their hobbies and after work activities as we are convinced that a good work-life balance is key to professional success and personal well-being. We want happy and balanced employees!